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Thomas and Moki examine the political issues of the day together with their show producer David. Interviews, analysis and points of view. Politics aside, there are also many other subjects that make their way into the conversation, equally as relevant, engaging, informative and entertaining, and even sometimes a little heated, but always with aroha and a smile. 

Anti-racist, anti-capitalist, pro-revolutionary, pro-Indigenous, with a global perspective.

Interviews with activists, and artists. Rebroadcasts of excerpts from programs on the Pacifica Radio Network.

Manahi brings youthful energy  to his show, with music by the finest contemporary artists in te ao Māori, interviewing  them, hearing their stories.

In his show and on the Tū Mai Te Wehiwehi facebook page, he shares the depth of mātauranga he has gathered by sitting with and listening to the many  who have shared with him.

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